Friday, May 25, 2018

My Covenant

Fifty six years ago today was my commissioning as a Salvation Army Officer. 160 plus young people with me as we set out on the ‘best job in the world’ (as the posters of the day called it). And for me it was the best job and one I felt hugely privileged to be accepted for. It was hard work, very little money, (sometimes wondering where the next meal would come from), late nights, early mornings. It was poor living accommodation filled with furniture cast off by Corps folk and at one time with only an oil heater shared with the family downstairs to try and keep warm in one of the coldest and longest winters on record. But ‘the job’ did not disappoint. The deprivations were far outweighed by the privileges. I could hardly believe that the people in my Corps and the area where I was placed, were mine to lead, encourage, comfort, dedicate, marry, bury, and bring to a knowledge of God as Saviour and Lord. I was privileged to have nothing of worth in the world’s eyes, because I had all the resources of my Saviour and was rich. That it came to an end far too soon, because I had no other choice when my husband resigned, was my greatest sorrow and can bring me to the point of tears even now. 
I have been blessed beyond measure with my family and with the things I have been able to do within the Army. I have endeavoured to keep my covenant even without the trimmings. I thank God every day for his faithfulness.

Carol Gibson

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