Friday, May 11, 2018

Love One Another


Devoid of love, all that we say and do is worthless,
Though men congratulate us for the things they see.
We may impress and leave observers speechless,
But God sees deep into the hearts of you and me.

If I have knowledge and a depth of understanding,
Of all things sacred, with a faith that is profound,
Yet lack the love that does not boast or envy,
Then I am nothing, just a noisy, empty sound.

Have we the love that is clearly seen in our Saviour?
Or do we nurse the wounds inflicted long ago?
Can we not forgive and love the one who hurt us,
Like the One we crucified, who loves us so?

Lord, make us gracious, kind and patient with each other,
Keeping no record of the pain they've put us through,
Never hurtful, rude, revengeful or self-seeking,
Forgiving them, as though they know not what they do.

('My command is this; love one another, just as I love you.' John 15:12)
Howard P. Webber
Officer (Pastor)
Bournemouth UK

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