Tuesday, May 22, 2018

May I make a request for prayer?

The Disciples of Jesus Session

40 years ago the Disciples of Jesus session held our Covenant Day at the then International Training College. 

On Wednesday 23rd May about 30 sessional colleagues and partners will be meeting at Denmark Hill to remember the occasion, and participate in worship by following the Order of Service once again.

Lots of things have happened in the intervening years, and it is bound to be an emotional occasion for us all. There are those who have remained in officership (some now having retired), others who have moved into other spheres of Ministry, situations where relationships have broken down and new partnerships formed, not forgetting those who have since been Promoted to Glory. 

I would ask that you support us in prayer as we meet, and think particularly of any who are unable to attend or have no desire to do so because of events in the intervening years. 

Just as the first disciples, we were all sent out in the footsteps of Jesus, and He will not have turned his back on us.

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