Sunday, April 1, 2018


I'm lost and bewildered,
All hope is now gone.
I cannot imagine
How life can go on.

My mind's in a turmoil,
I can't understand
How this could have happened
To so good a man.

I'm tortured by thoughts of
Him hung on that tree;
The thorns and the nails;
In his face – agony.

It happened so quickly,
I still can't believe
He's dead and he's buried,
What did that achieve?

My friends are now saying
That Jesus has risen,
'We've seen him and heard him,
He's out of death's prison!'

I'd like to believe them,
I'm sure you would too,
But claims like they're making
Just cannot be true.

Whilst no-one likes losing
A valuable friend,
There's no point pretending
The end's not the end.

They think they have met him,
But senses deceive;
Come. show me his wounds, then

Perhaps I'll believe.

Howard Webber
Bournemouth UK

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