Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Lenten Season, 2018:

New Beginnings: See? I Am Doing a New Thing!—God

Sometimes we take a compartmentalized approach to studying Jesus life, ministry, death and resurrection. However, this misses the continuity of the link between the prophecies and fulfillment of those predictions of His birth, which we celebrate at Christmas, and His mighty triumph over sin and death, which we celebrate at Easter. The Advent season is not disconnected from the Lenten season, although we sometimes approach the study of Christ’s life between those seasons as though they were independent events. Truthfully, without Advent—the period of waiting for the Messiah’s first coming—there would be no victorious Easter. Given the fact that these two occasions are eternally entwined, how do we explore and examine the Lenten season in a manner that is fresh and new? We often refer to the Scriptures as being the “living Word of God”, which means that if we limit ourselves to memorizing verses, passages, or biblical stories, then we treat God’s message in a predictive way.

Yet the Scriptures are filled with the essence of our awesome God, such as Creator, creativity, newness, freshness, unexpected approaches to people and their challenges. And we know that Isaiah pointed out that God was and is doing a new thing! Therefore, can we continue the 2017 Advent Theme, “New Beginnings: See? I Am Doing a New Thing!—God,” as a means of seeking the New Thing that God is doing?

I plan to post weekly meditations for the Lenten Season, similar to the weekly posts of Advent, 2017 and continuing through to Easter Sunday. However, the posts will begin tomorrow, Tuesday, February 13th, which is Shrove Tuesday, also known as “Pancake Tuesday,” “Fat Tuesday”, “Fasnacht Day,” or “Mardi Gras.” Pancake Tuesday signals that Lent begins the following day, which is known as Ash Wednesday. So, I will post information on these two days, and include suggested Scripture readings as we prepare our hearts and minds during this meaningful season.

Blessings and Peace

Elizabeth Hogan-Hayduk

Former Salvation Army Officer (pastor)

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