Monday, December 18, 2017

The Joy of Celebration

Driving home in a snow storm from our Salvation Army Officer-son’s house this past week, my husband, Craig, and I began to reminisce about previous Christmases that we had spent travelling in the car. We reflected on the numerous trips when we had bundled our two young sons up and made the exciting trek to our parents’ homes to celebrate with them.  We recalled one particular occasion when we left in a snow storm after the Sunday night candlelight service, knowing that the trip included a challenging steep hill.   We knew if we could make it up over that obstacle, then we would probably make it the remainder of the way, which was about a two and half hour trek.  That stormy night hindered our usual drive time, increasing it to more than four hours. Furthermore, this was in the days before we had cell phones, and so we could not send a message to my parents.  When we finally arrived at about 1:30 am, my parents were still up and received us and our two boys with open arms.  What a sense of relief and joy we experienced!

Fast forward twenty-five years.  Both of my parents and Craig’s parents are in the presence of Jesus. We still make a Christmas trek, but now we do so to spend time with our son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons.  The excitement of the experience is still there as we join them to celebrate Christmas.

I’m not sure how you will celebrate Christmas or who you will be with, but I do know that regardless of individual situations, God is waiting for you.  He waits with anticipation to welcome you into a place of safety, to receive you with open arms as you turn to Him and, with joy; you celebrate the birth of His Son.

May you experience the joy of celebration this Christmas.

Major Patsy Rowe
Salvation Army Officer

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