Tuesday, October 3, 2017

O Lord Jesus, 
Make me your humble matchstick; 
Not a large one that is awkward for You to handle; 
Make me willing to be small and insignificant, 
Prepared at all times to be used by You. 
Make me ready to spend myself 
Even if it costs me all that I, at present, am. 
(For must I not die that the Light might shine?) 
Make me keen, 
When I would hide in my box behind the others, 
(For what is potential if it is never realized?) 
Make me always able to keep my head, 
For to lose it would render me useless to You.
Make me secure in the warmth of your presence, 
When others would seek to dampen my zeal. 

Make me remember your purpose for me, 
To ignite the flame of your love in the hearts of men and women. 
Make me totally dependent on You, 
A tool to be used, not self sufficient or of independent means. Make fire, your Holy Fire, to be my one and only aim. 
Help me to use all that I am and all that I have in promoting your Kingdom. 
Make it, dear Lord, if perchance you should use me in some won­derful way, 
That I will never ever say 'I lit that fire,' but rather, 
That I may give to Jesus glory for using me that way; 
For I know, dear Lord, that You could set the world on fire
If only I would be your humble matchstick.

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