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The rainbow is the Lord’s, says the word of God. No one else, neither individual nor movement, can therefore count it as "theirs".

            Who own a "copyright" on the rainbow? Many claim it. Pride festivals, the LGBT movement, rainbow flags on buses and trams. There are many who want to seize the rainbow!
         But the rainbow is the Lord's word of God. No one else, neither individual nor movement, can therefore count it as "theirs".I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth” says the Lord himself in Genesis 9:13 (NIV) in the narrative of Noah and the Ark. We heard this read in many churches on the Midsummer Day (in Sweden).
            The Lord saved humanity through eight people whom everyone else laughed at. In this rescue action, he used four couples, and each pair in the ark consisted of a man and a woman. The same was true for the animals rescued in the Ark, male and female, one pair of each.
            After the rescue in the ark, when the water was sinking and the rainbow seemed to stretch its radiance across the sky, the four couples heard the Lord's promise and received the assignment from him; "Be fruitful, multiply, and fulfill the earth" (Genesis 9: 1). It was exactly the same words given to Adam and Eve at the beginning of creation: "Be fruitful, multiply, and fulfill the earth" (Genesis 1:28). The rainbow is thus connected, partly with the task of husband and wife to have children and multiply, but also with the Lord's promise that no more ‘sin flood’ will ever come again.
            The rainbow is still exclusively the Lord's own. It ‘reminds’ us of his mercy and faithfulness despite human sin and unfaithfulness. The rainbow is in the first book of the Bible, and it is restated in the last book of the Bible. It never symbolizes people's diversity in any respect: it is solely God's own, a rainbow that tells of the Lord's grace toward sinners. In the Book of Revelation, the rainbow returns, then as a sign of the Lord's holiness and power and his unbroken faithful intention to want to save people from the power of sin to deceive (Rev 4: 3, 10: 1). And one day we will see the rainbow surrounding our Savior in the glory of His glory.
The Lord's own rainbow has seven colors, not just the six colors that the rainbow usually depicts in different (non-religious) contexts. It should be noted with regard to the symbol of speech in the Bible, that the number seven is the Lord's own vernacular, a holy figure in the Bible and the number six is the fallen humanity's number.
The rainbow is an optical phenomenon that appears when the sun is shining and there are raindrops in the air. Without water one can’t see rainbow. The rainbow and its seven colors appear when the sunlight is broken through the water drops. This means that the rainbow is not sey in any particular place in the sky where we can visit and observe it, but it is the light and the water that makes the rainbow appear in different places.
            When one sees a rainbow in the sky, you see something belonging to the Lord. It is He who lets us see it and when we see it, we must remember the Lord's promises of grace on sinners. And the Lord Himself promised to think on the same promise. "When the rainbow is seen in the sky, I will think of my covenant between me and you ..." (Genesis 9: 13-16).
            We are always joyful and excited when we see a rainbow appear, it's an event we like to share with others. Let us boldly continue to share the true greetings of the rainbow with each other; The Lord thinks of us sinners.

Berit Simonsson

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