Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Profile of a Former SA Officer; Member of the FSAOF Family - #1

Jeni Gregory, PhD., LICSW , CCM       

                                                                          Jeni Gregory has worked in the health and human service field since 1975.  She has held a variety of clinical, management and project development position in care management, medical social work, family counseling, and international trauma relief in 15 different countries. She and her husband have served as pastors since 1975 in various assignments throughout the Western United States.  

Her ground breaking work with Child Soldiers in Africa recovering from Profound Catastrophic Trauma has been noted by many.  Her research and field work for this effort has been published in numerous journals and magazines.  In addition to the work she has done with traumatized children in Africa, she has worked with children who have lived in orphanages, streets and sewers of Eastern Europe, war impacted children in Kosovo and Albania, children who survive in the garbage dumps of Mexico and South America, children impacted by the horrors and terror of the Taliban in Afghanistan, as well as the children who suffered because of the events of the September 11th attacks in New York City.

She has a PhD in International Pediatric Traumatology from Union Institute and University, a Masters in Social Work from University of Washington, Seattle. She has her LICSW and is a certified Field Traumatologist. She is the principal at Heartland Counseling.   She has served as the US Army Western Regional Medical Command's Care Provider Support Program Director.  She is now serving as the Clinical Operations Manager for United Health Care Military and Veterans Community Case Management.

Jeni adds;  God has used me in ways thought impossible since I left full-time officership/pastor in the Salvation Army. I am so happy to be used of God to do whatever He decides!!
By the way, I have been to Iraq most recently and I'm headed back there again soon considering options around service in that area more long-term. Thanks for praying for me as the future is unfolding again. Glory be to God!

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