Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How did we explain the presents she received?

I’ve just read today’s blog article and agree entirely.

When our lass Naomi was young we explained to her that Christmas day was the birthday of Jesus when people celebrated and acknowledged this.

How did we explain the presents she received? Well we talked to her about her own birthday and how many kind people gave her gifts that she could enjoy - we then explained that Jesus had no need of any gifts such as she had been given but that the only gift Jesus wanted was for boys and girls, men and women to give their hearts to Him. So that was why children were given the gifts He had no use for - it was shortly after this that she at the tender age of 4 gave her heart to Jesus and became a follower of His to this day.

She then asked about Santa and we said well - a helper was needed to give out the presents and Santa became the helper.

We wanted her to understand that Christmas was all about Jesus and not Santa so from a very young age she fully accepted this- later on as a child she was often asked in church to sing the solo -
What does Christmas really mean,
And what are we celebrating
''Tis a wonderful time but I wonder
If we forget to remember
The One who remembered you
 and the One who remembered me

On a hill far away that shameful day
When He paid our debt on Calvary.

Happy birthday gentle Saviour
Happy birthday hear my plea
Take my life Lord as a token
 for your birthday means to me
Life Eternal -everlasting

Prince of Peace - the great I AM
Happy Birthday gentle Saviour
Happy Birthday .......Amen

As Christian parents we do have a responsibility but also the privilege of teaching our children the true meaning of Christmas.

It's sad at this time of year when out and about you meet so many mums and dads trying to fulfill their children's requests often getting themselves into the vicious circle of debt in the process. Oh, that these parents would open their eyes and those of their children to behold and invite the Saviour who gave His all for us into their hearts - what a different way they would celebrate this Blessed time.

Anne Warner
Former SA Officer


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