Monday, May 2, 2016

Butierskaya - Moscow's 200 year old Notorious Prison Part One of Five


Lindberg and her appointed assistant, Canadian candidate Danielle Strickland, coordinated the team’s visit to the Butyrskaya Maximum Security Prison. The Swedish team included Major Goran Larsson,  team leader, Major and Mrs. Rolf and Else-Karin Stackbom, Deputy Bandmaster Ove and Gunnen Ericson, Stockholm 7 Corps, National Music instructor Kai Kjell- Andersson, Temple, Stockholm, bandsman Lars-Eric Cederholm, Sodertalje, coordinator of the humanitarian aid delivery, and Sven Young, Orebro. Joining with us are two Russian translators Larisa och Svetlana, newly enrolled soldiers of the Moscow Central Corps.

In the middle of the center of Moscow, along one of the broad streets leading to Red Square is "Butyrskaya" hidden behind a city block of ordinary appearing apartment buildings. Built  in the shadow of the Kremlin, Moscow’s historic fortress and the center of the Russian government, Red Square Its origins date to the late 15th century, when the Muscovite prince Ivan III (Ivan the Great) expanded the Kremlin to reflect Moscow’s growing power and influence.


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