Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mary's toes!

My poor feet

It happened because of Paul O'Grady, and the BBC programme ‘The Sally Army and Me’.

I had almost finished the Monday morning foot care at our SA in Winton, when a man arrived in great need, he said ‘ You're Mary aren’t you ?’ before I could answer he said ‘I saw you on the TV with Paul O’Grady and I remembered you did feet on the meal-run’. I nodded, he then went on to say he had been having long term treatment for Bi-Polar illness that was spoiling his life. Then he asked if I could do his feet.

This was not a ‘normal’ foot care appointment, because this dear man had not had his feet treated for 4 years! He told me he had both his knees ‘replaced’ and a hip too, so he couldn’t bend to reach his feet, he hasn’t worn socks for years (can’t reach to put them on or take them off) but he was sure I could get his shoes off for him! As he tried to ease himself into the chair, I almost lost the plot. He was a sad sight, but once I had his feet in some warm soapy water, I could start to treat his sore feet.
Can you imagine how he must have felt having to endure toenails that had not been cut for 4 years? He started to tell me his story, how he had been homeless, and how our SA had helped him, and now we were helping him again. He talked about POG and his love for dogs, and for his genuine concern for less fortunate folk. He said ‘Oh I am glad I saw that programme, I wouldn’t have thought of coming here for ‘me feet’! He has had such a sad life, but after an hour and a bit, I finished doing his feet, and helped him to get his shoes on. As he got up, he kept thanking me, and kept saying God Bless Ya, and then (I knew it would happen) he gave me a big ‘hug’.
Actually I am glad he saw the programme too, because I was able to help him and he will never forget that – and neither will I. I will be seeing him again in 6 weeks, he has promised to come regularly to have his feet done, now that is a result.
As he went on his way, he said I’m going to ask ‘em to give you a promotion, me feet feel real good now.

Ps I was so pleased to be in the right place at the right time, (as well as having a lovely fresh air spray in the foot care room)

April 22

A lovely evening at the Hilton Hotel Southampton with Glenda and her family. Presented with a cheque for our meal-run, so kind !

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