Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Two Australian Salvation Army Territories to Merge

Word has been received, through a surprise announcement, that the two Australian Salvation Army Territories will merge. We share with you the official announcement made earlier today. 




Anonymous said...

The spin zone- Why does Peddle seem so uncomfortable?

James Condon is again the man of the hour; sincere, honest, humble and without guile.

Maybe someone, some day, some place will confess that this was an economic move pure and simple. Too many cost centres, too few good managers -

Former Oz soldier

Anonymous said...

Tidd! "This is a moment of great humility for Trace and I" SHOULD BE: "This is a moment of great humility for Trace and ME!" ME- ME not I!

Embarassing to us Canadians.

Under the Maple tree in Winnepeg

Anonymous said...

Bryson's Dictonary of Troublesome Words: "Trace and I" is correct.

A Canadian who is more embarrassed by the first speaker and how he got there, than by the grammar of the second.

Anonymous said...

This is all above my pay grade.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the comments above the phrase "You can,t please everyone all of the time" comes to mind.
Of course it will save costs and if coupled with streamlining systems etc then its a good thing and probably could be repeated elsewhere in the world.