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No Longer I? CHAPTER 19 - Conclusion

This book, and Webber's first award-winning book, Meeting Jesus,  should be in the hands of every recruit, soldier, candidate, officer, and former officer - they and the Army will be strengthened as a result. Awarded 5 Stars

Part Four - Conclusion

Richard Wurmbrand, who was imprisoned for many years and frequently tortured on account of his faith, wrote of the joy of a life totally focused on Christ, ‘Alone in my cell, cold, hungry and in rags, I danced with joy every night …sometimes I was so filled with joy that I felt I would burst if I did not give it expression.’ Had he not survived we would never have known of his worshipping God in secret.

Those of you who feel as though your light is hidden, may one day be surprised at what God did through your faithfulness. Offer God the treasure of your heart. Some lost soul may one day stumble across you, like I stumbled across that fungus in the woods, and be transformed by what they discover. If it had a brain, that fungus could have questioned its usefulness, wondered what the point was and given up. When the Lord said, ‘I know the plans I have for you’ (Jeremiah 29:11), he never said that we would know what they were or what he was about. Don’t withdraw your offering, don’t give up. One day he will show you the wonderful things that he was doing that you knew nothing about.

During World War I, a man who had been shot lay dying in the trenches. A friend leaned across to him and asked if there was anything he could do.

He replied, ‘No, I am dying.’

‘Is there anyone I can send a message to for you?’ his friend then asked.

‘Yes, you can send a message to this man at this address. Tell him that in my last minutes what he taught me as a child is helping me to die.’ The man was his old Sunday School teacher. 

When eventually the friend got back to England and found him and gave him the message, the old man said, ‘God forgive me. I gave up Sunday School teaching years ago because I thought I was getting nowhere. I thought it was of no use.’

When the widow woman came to where the offerings were put into the temple treasury, and then put in her ‘two very small copper coins worth only a fraction of a penny’ (Mark 12:42), she could have never guessed how God was going to exalt her humble offering and tell the whole wide world about her. As for those rich and, no doubt, influential people who ‘threw’ in large amounts, we know nothing of them or their gifts. That which was undoubtedly done quietly and privately, God has made known to billions of people and in doing so he honoured and still honours the woman who honoured him (1 Samuel 2:30).

No Longer I?


Howard Webber

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