Friday, March 18, 2016

Be cool!

Kaari Ljungholm Owens
(Kaari's my youngest daughter - kinda neat she kept the patronymic name Ljungholm!)

One of Kali's therapists did a review with me today and it's always kind of heartbreaking and hard to hear.

We don't want to focus on Down Syndrome, but with 4-5-6 sessions of therapy a week, it's difficult not to remember.

It's hard when they say she's almost 2 but more like 8-12 months in this or that area. If you're not in the situation you can't ever really know how those words kind of sting. The reminders and comparisons are disheartening.

But then there is reality; there is our Kali. The daughter. The sister. The beautiful sunshiney soul that brightens up the lives of those who come in contact with her.

Today at the end of the session her therapist told me that socially she's right on par with other 2 year olds and that she's by far the fastest learner of any patient she's ever had. (She gets that from me) 

Anyway. I just wanted to share the joy and the pain and ask everyone to remember to be tender, mindful and accepting of those who aren't busting off the charts. Inclusion is definitely the new cool.

Be cool! 

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