Saturday, February 6, 2016

No Longer I?
by Howard Webber.

Often, when we long to do what is pleasing to God, it seems that there are insurmountable problems and difficulties that Satan throws at us in all sorts of subtle ways. 

Living the Christian life can seem a uphill struggle with little of the joy Jesus promised and much heartache and disappointment. In despair we can well feel like giving up. Some of our worst attacks come from within the fellowship to which we belong.

Yet, we know that Jesus has been there. His worst experiences were not caused by those outside the fellowship of God's people, but from within, and his biggest disappointments were with his own disciples. Yet, living in that often hostile environment he spoke of possessing a joy and peace and, amidst it all, he lived a perfect, victorious, holy life of love, the life to which he calls every one of us.

It took me years of struggle before I discovered and accepted that what he required was an impossibility. Only then did I begin to realise that it wasn't about what I could do with his help, but what he could do if only I would get out of the way! 'No Longer I?' is about that struggle and that discovery.

Half of the book, as with my first book, Meeting Jesus: Inspiring stories of modern-day evangelism, is stories, and the second half is a look at the discoveries I made in the light of scripture.

My prayer is that some fellow struggler might also find release and liberty on reading this book, and find reading it an very enriching experience.

God bless you all
Howard Webber

 'I first received a copy of Howard Webber’s book, Meeting Jesus, October 2012 as a gift from General Linda Bond(R).  Howard’s straight forward and real life stories of the challenges of evangelism inspired me.  I shared a copy with the principal of the training college and we agreed that every cadet would receive a copy.

In my opinion Howard has done it again.  He has written a candid and straightforward description of the struggles of a follower of Jesus midst the difficulties in of life and Christian service. 

Read this book with a spirit of joy.  Be in prayer.  You will discern wisdom, uncover resources and see insights in dying to self and living for Jesus. Your life will be deepened.

Commissioner David Jeffrey.
The National Commander of
The Salvation Army USA


Anonymous said...

Howard Webber posts each Thursday on this blog site. He's become familiar to me as a gracious teacher of the Word and I look forward to reading his reactions when not all in his flock agree with him.
RA Australia

Howard Webber said...

Hallo RA,
Thank you for your kind words. I discovered that 'No Longer I?' is only available on in kindle format. An Australian wishing to purchase the paperback would have to pay a prohibitive AU$15 in postage. I am trying to get the trade departments in the two territories to stock it.
One can read a selection of pages from it before one decides to purchase on
Hopefully, it won't be long before I find some way of making it available in Australia.
Thank you again for your encouragement
Every blessing

Howard Webber said...

To countries where the paperback is not available on their Amazon site, is Australia, it can be purchased through Book Depository at no extra cost postage wise