Saturday, January 9, 2016

In the aftermath of the Obergefell decision by the Supreme Court, a lot of Christian parents are reeling. They know they must do something, but what can they do? The decision was so high-handed, so arbitrary, so insolently rendered, that it would be easy to assume that there is nothing we can do about it down here at street level.

But this is false. There is are many steps we can take, and some of the first ones are steps we musttake. Here is one that millions of parents could take in just a small number of weeks — they could pull their kids out of the government school system.

The necessity of doing this has been growing increasingly obvious every year, and now the need for it is open, manifest, and pretty much on fire. What can Christian parents do? If their kids are already receiving a Christian education, they can be encouraged and stand fast — and they can use the opportunity to openly appeal to Christian friends who still have their kids in the government school system. And if they themselves still have kids where their kids ought not to be . . . well, this is the perfect opportunity to bolt. If anybody asks why, a reasonable answer would be anything in the neighborhood of “fire on the mountain, run, boys, run!” This is the reason why all government schools have panic bars on their doors. That clattery shuttery sound you hear is thousands of evangelicals hitting the sidewalk.

There are two reasons for this step, given this Extreme Court decision. If your children remain in the government schools, there is now no legal way for them to be taught any normal view of human sexuality. And, depend upon it, they will be taught the other kinds. And second, they will be taught an approach to civics that sees nothing wrong with the Supreme Court’s juridical putsch here, and that is just as worrisome.

Here are some books that might be able to help. The first two are books that argue for the need for explicitly Christian education. The last two argue for the classical and Christian forms of it, but contain sections that will be helpful in under-girding our understanding of how all education is inherently religious, and therefore must be Christian. Just click on the covers.

So take up these books, and leg it out of there. As the great Augustine once heard, “Tolle, leg it.”

Update: Before checking out the books, check out this from the Department of Education. These are not the people you want defining “nurture and admonition” for you.

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Anonymous said...

Well, schools are just there to teach kids that for biological reasons some people are born gay. If you want to teach your kids that those same people are going to burn in hell for all eternity because of the way they were born, you need to do it in your own time.

Anonymous said...

Am I missing something? I didn't read anything in the article to justify the sentiments of the first commenter. There is nothing in it about people burning in hell. Total over-reaction.