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Goran Larsson reports 1992:

Later in the evening Mark, Martine (IHQ, London) and I take the Metro (Moscow subway) down to the Red Square. We miss the changing of the guards at 23:00 but wander right up to the Lenin mausoleum. 

It is cold as the icy winds sweep across the Red Square expanse we return by Metro to our secret enclave- owned by the ousted President Gorbachev our Moscow home and where the Ljungholms are well known and the Army respected.

Tuesday l0 November

We eat breakfast and then travel down to the office of the Soviet Union Foreign Ministry where Sven maintains one of his offices, with all our camera gear. 

Kathie gets us onto a chartered bus. We’re informed that we will travel to Omsk, Siberia with a military aircraft departing at 13.00 – another Sven contact. A General Nikoleivich from the Russian Army must deliver an aid shipment to Siberia and we’ve “hitched a lift” so Sven simply instructs us to come along. First though, a visit to Sven's office in the SU Foreign Affairs HQ.

We are many persons in the Salvation Army’s office; too small for so many people, but it is for now the only office made available to Sven in the building, because the SA has been locked out of their other larger Foreign Affairs premises on Zubovsky Boulevard 4.

Kathie informs us that ‘at least once a month the Communist party chiefs forces us out of the large 1000 seat auditorium where we conduct our Sunday morning worship meeting - if the weather’s not too nasty we all line up - maybe 4-500 persons, most in SA uniforms, behind Marsha carrying the SA banner, and march in cadence down Zubovsky Bolivar, then cross the Moscow River on the 6 lane bridge and move our meeting to Gorky Park- we know the uniformed guards at the park gates and they always allow us in free. We gave them Russian Childrens Bibles one time  for their families and now they call us “Komrade Salvation”!

Kathie quickly disappears with a uniformed Salvationist after being told that the food warehouses at the airport that the Army (SA) has been using must be evacuated immediately. It's where they have storing more than 1,000 tons of food and humanitarian relief supplies for the last several months. The landlord demanded a much higher rent, one they can’t afford so Sven rings the Mayor’s office and informs them that they will simply have to solve this problem - The SA provides 80,000 meals a day to elderly Muscovites, and the Mayor used this info in his campaign for the Mayoral office. We learned later that the landlord was ‘given non-negotiable instructions’ to work in association with Ljungholm and the Russian military who assisted in distributing the food.

Major Goran Larsson, Sweden
"A pioneer's heart and vision"

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