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The October 1992 Billy Graham crusade was hugely successful, with many thousands of first-time decisions made for Jesus Christ. The Salvation Army, after only one year in Moscow, was an integral part of the planning and conduct of the crusade.

Meeting in the large Olympic Stadium, the final Sunday afternoon meeting was the largest crowd to ever be gathered in Russia. With over 50,000 people seated and standing inside the stadium, over 20,000 listened on speakers outside while seemingly oblivious to the inclement Moscow weather. At the final meeting over 20,000 seekers crowded the floor, which could not contain all of those who were seeking Christ.

Everywhere one looked there were uniformed Salvationists. Salvationists served as the Steward Captains and made up the largest portion of the counselors. When Dr. Graham entered or departed the stage, his way was secured by an honour guard of approximately 150 uniformed Salvationists. To quote one of the senior staff of the Crusade;  There seem to be Salvationists everywhere. How could we have done without them?”

Joni Erickson Tada, after appearing at the final meeting, stated; I’m very pleased to see the Army so visible and involved in these meetings, and to know that they were so involved in the planning.

Marina Kiralyg, a uniformed Salvationist, linguists and international law student,  had the privilege of translating for Mr. Cliff Barrows,  the well-known Crusade Music Director, as he led the huge 7,000 voice chorus.

At the first Salvation Army recruit class following the Crusade, nearly 50 individuals who made first-time decisions at the Crusade joined the following week for information on  becoming Salvation Army soldiers, led by Mrs. Captain Pamela Smith. (UK)

Captain Sven-Erik Ljungholm. Commander for Moscow, served on the Crusade Planning Committee and took responsibility for the counseling and voluntary security services.  Mrs. Kathleen Ljungholm assisted her husband and served as a hostess to the honoured guests. They joined director Graham on the platform for the final meeting.

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