Tuesday, November 10, 2015

She fell back into addiction

I'm sad, so sad today. One of the "girls" from our time in Maple Ridge passed away last night. You probably saw it on the Vancouver news if you're in the Vancouver area. She was the homeless woman who died after getting caught in a clothing donation bin. 

While we were there we saw her brought into our shelter under traumatic circumstances; go off to treatment, stay in our Genesis program - we performed her wedding ceremony to Jason, had a beautiful baby named Shaylee that we dedicated and she sang with us on our worship team every Sunday. 

She eventually came to work for us as a Shelter Worker and did a great job on the midnight shift keeping things in order. 

Sadly, she fell back into addiction and yet you could still see her potential as she fought for the homeless while living in a tent. 

I will miss her greatly and am so privileged to have her in my life. 

Rather than the picture of her on the news, I'll remember her like this as she sang with me on a Sunday.

Major Kathie Hartley Chiu

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