Saturday, November 21, 2015

ISB Prelude on 'Lavenham'

The Salvation Army's  International Staff Band, London playing Geoffrey Nobes lovely arrangement of his tune Lavenham. The words were written by the Rev. Nick Fawcett.
I have meditated on the tune and words daily since Nov 13th, the day of the Paris terrorist's inhumane sacrilege of human life. I share them trusting you'll find them helpful to our troubling world circumstances.

Lord, there are times when I have to ask, "What?"
times when your love is not easy to spot.
What is life's purpose and what of me here?
Grant me some answers,
Lord, make your will clear.
Lord, there are times when I have to ask , "Why?"
times when catastrophe gives faith the lie.
Innocents suffer and evil holds sway,
grant me some answers,
Lord, teach me your way.
Lord, there are times when the questions run fast,
time when I fear that my faith may not last.
Help me, support me,
Lord , help me get through.
Lead me through darkness till light shines anew.

Sven Ljungholm
Penny Lane, Liverpool

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