Friday, September 25, 2015

Danielle Strickland: Justice and Mercy (Randy Robison / LIFE Today)


My life has been drastically changed by the love of God. Jesus found me in a dark and horrible place (both inside and out) and his love warmed me up and made me come alive. This love has led me on an incredibly deep and wide journey of boundless Salvation for the entire earth. I believe God has a plan to bring heaven to the earth, and that plan will actually look like real lives changed from the inside out. It will smell like flowers blooming in the midst of the desert. It’ll be light speaking to the dark to back off. It’ll be justice rolling like a river. It will be God making a way where it looks like there is no way. And all of this plan involves us.

This is the radical nature of the message that has changed my entire life. God has invited me to partner with Him in this project to redeem the entire earth. It’s ridiculously funny, if you know me… and even funnier I’d imagine if you know anyone who claims to partner with God. To think that God has created a plan that involves everyday, ordinary people is laugh out loud funny but it’s also deeply true. And this truth has changed the way I live and what I do and why I even do it. This website is about me partnering with God.

I’m a woman who loves to communicate. I love to learn and then pass it on… so, you’ll find out about different projects and movements I’m part of because they help bring heaven to earth and that matters to me. You can find out more about books I’ve written to help others learn the things that have liberated and changed me.

You can read my blogs and articles that hopefully inspire you to join in on this incredible journey of love. You can watch a few videos of me using my big mouth to tell a big truth that will change a big world. I’ve been hesitant for many years to have this website. It smells to me of ego and self-importance… but I can assure you it is not anything like that compelling me towards this page. It is simply another way to tell the truth… to share the story, to encourage and give hope, to connect and network, to bring light and life into desperate places… it is also a handy way to handle requests and help manage administrative tasks (which I need help with!).

So, welcome to the site… to a few glimpses of a life that’s been redeemed and I pray it’ll be useful and helpful to you as you learn the depth of love that changes the world, and invites you to join in this incredibly amazing unfolding drama of God’s kingdom come.

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