Thursday, August 20, 2015

Are they ashamed of their detestable conduct?
No, they have no shame at all;
they do not even know how to blush.
Jeremiah 6:15

What Should We Do With SA Officer BULLIES?

Church bullies confuse leadership with would-be dictatorship.

Bullies are wrong about the church.
Jesus said, “I will build my church” (Matthew 16:18). It’s His church and He will build it. He is both owner and operator.

Everyone but a bully believes this.

Bullies feel superior to the rank and file of church members. Some readers will recall Leona Helmsley, the hotel “empress” (she called herself that in publicity), who said, “Only little people pay taxes.” She ended up going to prison, proving there can be some justice in this life. People who worked for Mrs. Helmsley were unanimous in calling her a bully.

Church tyrants do not think of their dictatorial actions as unhealthy for the Lord’s work. If everyone would just do as they say, the church would be fine. They’re just fixing what’s wrong, keeping matters on course.

Bullies often know a lot about the Word of God, but they do not know God’s heart. (and little about 'team' development)

I’ve known some who could teach a great Bible class and bring in terrific insights from their study. Among the missing elements, however—in addition to a humility in the presence of Almighty God, which should be basic equipment—is they do not believe its prohibitions are for them personally.

Bible believers know that because it’s the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only thing that matters in its daily operation is His will.

Our Sovereign Lord cares little for advice from the business community, votes of the majority or pressure from the strongest personalities. His will is the only one that counts.

Our single prayer should always be, “Lord, what will you have us to do?” (see Acts 22:10)
Whatever we do to the church—the Bride of Christ, the Body of Christ!—Jesus takes personally, and will hand out rewards to us and judgment on us in accordance with our behavior toward her.

Whatever we do “to the least of these, His brethren,” we do to Him (Matthew 25). And that’s as scary a thought as it’s possible to have.

Adapted: FSAOF


Timothy McPherson said...

I appreciate this very much. Bullying is often a sign of someone being insecure. Love is the best line of defense and also our best weapon: loving those who have been bullied and loving those who bully. The second part is harder, but Jesus did command us to love our enemies.

Timothy McPherson, Captain
Corps Officer
Ludington, Michigan USA

Anonymous said...

Nine years of sharing ministry wisdom daily! Thank you FSAOF.
Former, Maine

Joe McKeever said...

Thanks for using my article. Were you unable to find the source?


Thank you Joe, for looking in... We often receive articles submitted without referencing the source; hence no acknowledgement in the by-line.

Please share the original source where your article was posted. Blessings!