Saturday, June 13, 2015

Moving My 8,000 Snow Globes

I've been moving my office, which isn't so bad. But moving my 8,000 snow globes - not so easy! Tedious really, not the least of which reason is that I take so long with each dome, touching it, admiring it, recalling its story, and NOT just putting it away on the new shelves! 8,000 - do the math!

Corbin Bernsen
In the meantime, I was at a great event for the Salvation Army yesterday where I was able to present this years Snowglobe that I designed/created for them. The photo is attached here, but I have to say first, the work of the Salvation Army continues to stagger me. I saw a brief presentation of the work they just did in Nepal after the recent earthquakes. I have been asked by so many organizations over the years for my involvement or money, all well meaning and great organizations each, helping people across the globe, but still the work of the Salvation Army is just so wonderfully basic to me and I believe the majority of every penny donated - put into that red kettle - goes directly to work. I urge everyone to not pass one of those kettles without making some small donation - and yes - even your pennies. It's a great way to get kids involved - one of my fondest memories as a kid, was, usually at Christmas, seeing the Bell Ringers on the street and that kettle on the tripod. Even then, at that age, I could donate. It's stuck with me I guess.

Enjoy the photo and however you do it, please consider giving back, it's what takes us forward as a society. And pennies do count!
Part TWO of the Strawberry Field article will be posted on June 15!~

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