Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Letting Go…It’s OK To Say Good-by -Part Two-

Part two; Conclusion

I have two requests, the first is for The Salvation Army. Please be sensitive to the difficulty and grieving that many Former Officers experience. Some practical steps that can be taken when an Officer announces their resignation are as follows…

1. Make every effort to listen to and don’t minimize their reasons for leaving
2. Make someone available before, during, and after the resignation
3. If appropriate offer to help transition the Officer into Corps membership, don’t just send a letter saying they cannot represent the Army anymore
4. Continue to communicate with the former for a predetermined period of time by asking permission to send the War Cry and or to make their contact information available to the local Corps Officer
5. When appropriate celebrate the service rendered

Now for the Former. Please know how valued you are, and your worth is not based in The Salvation Army. Some practical steps to consider when you say good-by…

1. Ask God for the strength and grace to forgive the people who may have hurt you
2. Understand it may not be practical for The Army to affirm and stay as involved with your life as it was when you were an Officer
3. Thank God for the experience gained, friendships enjoyed, and even the pain endured 

And as my friend Charlie told me the other day, “Choose to celebrate what you had rather than mourn what you lost!”

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