Saturday, June 6, 2015

A time to TC and a time not to TC!

We travel a lot. Recently, after a long journey, we returned to our always awaiting stack of mail, most of it junk. While sifting and sorting, imagine our complete and utter surprise as we pulled the FINAL edition of Priority magazine out of the ever burgeoning pile. We had no idea!

As you can imagine, my emotions are running high right now as I write, having just read through the FINAL edition. During those initial years, the creation of Priority! was all consuming with me, something I was very passionate about. I think I spent more time down in Linda's office, than in my own. And then, into retirement, watching it take on an ever expanding "life of its own" was thrilling and satisfying indeed. The “Letters to the Editor" speak volumes.

Had I known, I would have written a letter to the editor myself for this edition. It would have read something like this:

God's timing is always perfect. It was a small staff in the Publications Department: Linda Johnson, Warren Maye, Bob Mitchell and Peter Hanke - a perfect team, each with a commitment and set of gifts second to none. Linda caught the vision immediately, brilliantly pulling it all together for me, even with my constantly breathing down her neck. Thank you Linda and team for 15 groundbreaking years of excellence!

A time for everything? "A time to move on?" Perhaps. Obviously, I was not part of the discussion leading to this decision, so not privy to the complete rationale for the demise of Priority! Were I there, would I have done it differently? Perhaps. Maybe I’d add an Internet, interactive version, along with the creation of But alas, I'm no longer there. And besides, as it so clearly says in Ecclesiastes (paraphrased): “A time for everything under the sun, a time to TC and a time not to TC!

Joe Noland, Commissioner (Retired)

PS “Ever is The War Cry!” (-:


Anonymous said...

Dear Commissioner Noland,

I'm every bit as sad as you are that Priority! went down the tubes when it's popularity was at its zenith. I was a freelancer for the magazine since I first discovered it in 2007 and loved every minute of writing for it! Of course, since you were the creator of the idea that became reality in 1999, and put together an excellent staff led by Linda Johnson, I suppose your grief is even more marked than mine. I noticed that Commissioner Bob Thomson, in his letter to the editor in the commemorative issue, also wasn't one bit happy with the decision, though he very diplomatically said so in the nicest possible way! Had you known about the magazine's demise sooner, you probably would've done the same.

Though I can't say for sure why the present TC discontinued its production, since all things do yield to economics (and the present TC was/is a left brain business major and not necessarily a right brained, creative, global minded person such as yourself, Moretz and Gaither, etc.) I suspect, that it probably had something to do with the fact, that USA Eastern was paying for all the bills. This was so, even though Priority! had become sort of an unofficial National publication from 2004 onward, when it was approved to be so, by the Commissioner's Conference. What it all comes down to is the old adage in TSA about "whatever the pharaoh wants."

A parallel (though not a perfect parallel) to it in Army history, might be the Limelight project in Australia which under Herbert Booth, was started in 1899, making TSA a forerunner in the movie industry (at least in Australia!) God only knows for sure where it could've gone and what influence it might have made on the Xian and non-Xian world had it continued. However, when a Commissoner Hays became TC in 2010, he felt that movies were too "wordly" and scrapped the whole project.

I want you to know that I had about a gazillion ideas for future articles rolling around in my head. One that I was hoping to do this year, was about you and your wife Doris, as cadets in the Proclaimers of the Faith Session in San Francisco (1963-1965)starting the Salvation Singers which was at the time, sort of America's answer to the Joystrings! I thought for sure that it would make a fantastic historical piece for the back page. I still recall reading about it in a full length article in the War Cry back in 1964.

One would hope that USA National would bring Priority! back as a national publication, but then one supposes it would just be seen as competition for the War Cry. Although the War Cry has become an excellent publication in recent years, it still can't do what Priority! did because it's scope and focus is wider than Priority's. Priority was mainly about personal testimonies up to 1600 words with a sidebar. It captivated people who read it in a way that the War Cry, with much smaller testimony articles could never do. Like you Commissioner, I (and many, many others who've told me so) are sure going to miss Priority! Sad day.

Daryl Lach
USA Central

P.S. "You Must Go Home By the Way of the Cross, To Stand With Jesus In the Morning!"

Anonymous said...

Why do salvationists always hark back to the past ALL the time? Most people who publish articles for the Army look back with nostalgia for the 'good old days' - if I were a betting person I'd bet that the current 'Boundless' congress will have more than its fair share of historical events, with people dressing up in old uniforms and re-enacting what happened 150 years ago as if it were the present. Is it because there is no vision or excitement for the future? The present state of Army affairs is hardly inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Oh, YOU again. Get out the black crepe paper and start hanging it all over the place everybody: The short of it is that people look back because it gives them a sense of continuity. The whole Bible for instance, is the story of salvation history. Many (though certainly not all)Xians in the Third Reich apparently had a Xianity that was devoid of knowing too terribly much about the Hebrew Testament and it's place in the saga of Salvation History. Of course, the world now has the legacy of the Holocaust along with the shame of other atrocities toward the Jews because so many Xians had forgotten the historical foundation that Xianity was built upon. They instead preferred to think in terms of prejudices and stereotypes about Jews, that had been built up during the many centuries.

Maybe you should attend one of the re-enactments at Boundless anonymous, and get a better sense of SA history. It might help turn you into a much more upbeat person. I gotta get to bed now, before I conk out and wind up sleeping all afternoon across my keyboard.

Daryl Lach
USA Central

"You Must Go Home By the Way of the Cross, To Stand With Jesus In the Morning!"zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz