Thursday, April 30, 2015

It's Thursday # 20 April 30 God has plans and blessings in abundance

'I will not let you go unless you bless me,'  Genesis 32:26. Jacob had come through some very trying experiences triumphantly. 

Though now wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, he was not without fear of what lay ahead of him along the road that God had told him to take. As we shared previously, he had to face his brother Esau who had wanted him dead when last they were together. He was also going back to a people who knew him only as a liar, a cheat and a coward.

So he sent his family, servants and all that he possessed across the River Jabbok, (v23), leaving him alone to spend time with God, and God appeared to him in the form of a man, an angel. In Jeremiah 29:11, we read, 'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord. But the question is, 'How much do we truly want what God has planned for us, and how much do we merely desire God to bless our best laid plans?' God has plans and blessings in abundance for those who truly want what he desires. He had a blessing in store for Jacob, but he needed to see just how much Jacob desired it. So it was that Jacob wrestled all night with God to receive it. Hosea 12:4 tells how, 'he wept and begged for his favour.'

And as dawn arrived, God tested him further by dislocating his hip, (v25). Yet, undoubtedly in pain and exhausted by it all, Jacob still would not let go. Even when the angel begged to leave, he hung on(v26). Jacob was prepared to do what ever it took, suffer whatever might befall him to receive God's blessing. God can do business with men and women like that, whose faith cannot be shaken, whose prayers cannot be silenced, (see Luke 11:5-10). Whilst the Lord says we need merely to ask, seek and knock in order to receive what he has in store for us, it is often our unrelenting persistence that reveals to him the depth of our desire and releases that blessing. And so God blessed him, replacing his old name that had reflected his previous self-centred mean spirit, with the new name Israel - a prince of God. 

God bless you all.

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