Thursday, February 12, 2015

NUMBER 9 12th February, 2015

Abraham did not want his son Isaac to marry a Canaanite, but rather someone of his own kith and kin. So he sent his chief servant back to Haran to find a wife for him. 'Make sure that you do not take my son Isaac there,' (Genesis 24:6), 'Only do not take my son back there.' v8.

There is always a temptation to go back to a place that was more comfortable and pleasurable than the place where God would have us be. Abraham's father, Terah, left Ur of the Chaldees for Canaan, but never got there. He settled and died in Haran. Undoubtedly, Haran was a lovely place, attractive and enticing, probably seeming to offer more than Canaan ever would. How many start their walk with God, heading for the land God has prepared for them, only to pull up short because of doubts or fears or comforts and blessings they discover along the way?

Canaan, as Abraham discovered, was a very uncomfortable place. Consequently, Abraham was adamant that Isaac never set foot in Haran. For whilst he might well have found a wife there, he might have never returned. Secondly, Abraham wanted a wife with a particular character for his son; someone prepared to leave family, friends and the land she loved, as indeed Abraham had done many years earlier; someone who would join Isaac on his journey with God, rather than someone who would entice him from it.

May we not be people that compromise when it comes to what God desires of us, even if it means leaving friends and comforts and pleasures for a lonely and uncertain road to a strange and unknown world. God knows what he is about, his way is always best whatever we might experience that seems to the contrary. 

God bless you all.

Howard Webber
Retired SA Officer-Pastor


Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying Major Webber's contribution to the FSA
"May we not be the people to compromise when it comes to what God desires of us"

This has always perplexed me: when it came down to accepting another appointment how is it that the Triune God communicates two different messages to me, the DC, Personnel Secretary and the TC?

Anonymous said...

I've always found Major Webber's musings thought provoking. And in this modern day Army I wonder where his vote drops on the same sex marriage issue. I've come almost full circle from what I've learned through following this website. I'm certainly more tolerant of the gay and lesbian life style if there is a faithful committed relationship. But total acceptance as members, officers, etc. Would that not mean that we've compromised our values? Or have we simply come of age!


Anonymous said...

It always comes down to gays and lesbians, even when the article is nothing to do with the issue.