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Inclusive Salvo Experience - Like Heaven? GLBT Series 2013

The below is a comment posted by a visitor from Australia. In view of our ‘inclusivity’ theme I thought it very appropriate and hope someone can identify the corps referred to, and perhaps that corps can share a bit about their mission and ministry.

‪Anonymous‬ said...

I am a former SA officer trying to find my another church (place of worship/service) and struggling to fit in and find my place in it. I'm married, with 2 children, heterosexual, a very churchified Christian!! So I can not imagine the struggle for a GLBT orientated person! 
That being said, probably one of the most wonderful and inclusive churches I've been to was Street Level Salvos (Salvation Army) in Sydney, Australia. In that church there were mentally struggling transgender, Gay, off the wall crazy, straight, very churchy; you name it, they were there, and I LOVED it!
I cried with joy honestly believing TSA was created for the 'mess' of people represented in that place. It was beautiful, noisy, honest and so incredibly worship focused. It blew my mind! Seeing that group singing together, praising and worshipping together in one accord felt a little like a touch of heaven to me. The honesty of the testimonies, full of language not approved in most salvo halls, was beautiful.
But still, I struggle to understand the homosexual lifestyle.
I know without a doubt God loves ALL people and I believe we will be rejoicing together in heaven one day, but it's hard to shake the (my) mind set about homosexuality that I grew up with as a salvo in a very traditional Christian home. 
Perhaps things will change and more Christians will accept the GLBT life choice, but that's a long way off in my opinion. And perhaps people like me will forever struggle with the issue as a whole. But regardless, I hope ALL Christians will find church a place of honesty, integrity, truth telling, compassion, joy and most of all GRACE!
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Anonymous said...

Wow! You speak of your struggles, but you are genuine and authentic. In terms of the humanist personality theory, I sense that your self image and ideal self are much more congruous than anyone I know.

Thanks for your description of the Army at its inception as welcoming people who suffered the social engagement issues of the time of its founding ... I agree whole-heartedly with your updated and better elaborated description of "welcoming."

I would love to be part of the church you describe. It would feel so ... so ... Salvation Army to me ... difficult to find, unfortunately. --Bob Chase

Anonymous said...

The corps is/ was Street Level corps in Sydney Australia. I went there when I was a cadet. I really felt it captured the heart of TSA. I haven't been there for many years but assume it is the same today. I've of the most vibrant a and challenged ppl that attends is a transgender woman affectionately known as sister Davina.

Former Officer
Paula Hambleton

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